Thursday, April 17, 2014

I Fell In Love With Obiedence

Today my life changed. I fell in love with ten little toes. I fell in love with sharing Christ's love. And I fell in love with obedience.

Last year at this time my husband and I were busy staging our home to sell. It all started with two quick sentences.

“I think we should move into a condo downtown.”

“Okay. I will call the Realtor in the morning.”

This pattern of dialog is our typical M.O. We get an idea or whim, then we run with it. No planning, no prep, and no prayer. Don't believe me, last summer we loaded our Honda for a 3 week California road trip. We planned it 10 days in advance. It's how we have always been, until the Holy Spirit tugged my heart so hard I couldn't ignore it anymore.

Robert and I were nearing the end of Project: Sell This House, we were sitting outside watching our two girls “water sled” in the front yard. It was an afternoon I was feeling particularly melancholy. It was nearing the day two years prior we had quietly said goodbye to our third child. And I felt this tug, this little voice that said “You can't move”. And just as quickly as we agreed to move into our high-rise dream home, we agreed not to.

Prior to this time, Robert and I had said we were content with our family. We said it on the outside, but on the inside behind closed doors, we weren't. He wanted more kids. I wanted more kids. But we trusted God, that the door was shut for a reason. And indeed there was a reason, obedience.

Let's rewind a minute. Thirteen years ago, while sitting in a Mission's Conference at our home church Robert and I both felt the Lord telling us “Go”, “Go and do missions”. And at first we were very excited about it, but as time went on we never felt lead to any place in particular. Whether that was disobedience or no call I couldn't tell you. But when God says “Go!”, he means “Go!”

Summer passed, last fall approached and I decided that even though my Home-School Mom of Two schedule was oh-so-crazy, I was going to make every effort to attend our church's Ladies Bible Study. Something I had avoided for years, and years. This time the unit was on James, my favorite book in the Bible. How could I not go? Well, go I did. Changed, I was.

“Hey, I think we should adopt some kids out of the Foster Care system?”

“Okay, I will call the agency in the morning.”

Our M.O. was the same, but this time instead of doing things on our own, we prayed. We enlisted prayer warriors. We committed to making this journey about spreading The Good News, not about just growing our family. We were going to accept that call to “Go!”, and we were going to obey.

So tonight, I await ten toes. Ten toes that need a home for 3 days. And every minute of those three days, I pray I may show the love of Christ. That I may spread the Good News. That I may always obey.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Ewant an Ewok, Please!

Sometimes I just can't help myself.  For the next two weeks Brieto is at a Theater Arts Day Camp put on by our beloved Children's Theater, Magik Theater.  It is a great program which I am thrilled to allow my girl to have a part of. 

On Wednesday night, I received notice Brie could dress up as an alien for their Fun-Filled Future Friday.  Being the over-achiever, eager to please mother that I am, one request for an Ewok costume was all I needed to get busy.  And let me tell you 24 hours notice is all one needs to whip up this galactic costume.
It really only consist of a few simple materials;  felt, headband, embroidery thread, large t-shirt, fur fabric sheets, and a few buttons.  That's it.  $20 at Hobby Lobby and I made my Brieto's day.
Seriously, could $20 be any cuter?
Simply add a pair of fur cuffs to the wrists and ankles and you have yourself a full body Ewok Costume.
So glad I had the opportunity to create this for you Brie, hope you had a great day sharing it with all your friends at Magik's Camp Showbiz.

Friday, March 15, 2013

{AWANA} Pinewood Derby 2013

A few weeks ago Brie participated in her first every AWANA Pinewood Derby.
Brieto designed and styled her Cheetah Print Corvetesque car completely on her own, a task that ate away at her "control-freak" momma's pride.
After a tight race, Daniel's Blue Shark gained victory over our Cheetah.
 Leaving this momma proud of Brie's hard work, independence, and graceful lose.
Way to go Brieto, momma loves you!

Spring Break 2013

Spring, already?  No, not yet. However, it is Spring Break here is sunny San Antonio.  A time to take a pause from all those reading logs, and enjoy a mild day at the park.  With my girls, or course!
 Brie is now six, SIX, and still busy learning to read.
 Briar is a sweet four year old, who continually amazes me with her quick wit.
 Best part about these sweeties, they love each other!
 Today at the park we races our very girly cars down a few rubber mounds, the boys were "pink" with envy.
 Later we spent some time hoping,
 and whirling around all the fun playground equipment.
It was enough to make this mamma's tummy dizzy just watching them, especially when they climbed into this crazy Tilt-a-Whirl.
 Seriously, how did I get to be so blessed...
I love these two sisters!!!

Monday, February 18, 2013

{American Heritage Girls} High Tea

Have you ever been to high tea?
Last Valentine's Day was our families first experience, and it was a jolly good time.
 This Ole' Chap helped wait tables at Brie's American Heritage Girl's Mother/Daughter Tea Party,
 while us lovely ladies sipped tea in style.
 We even made tea hats for the occasion.
A fun test of creativity.  As you can see by the hedgehog adorned on the top of Brie's evening hat.
 But, alas, Rooney's birds nest took home most creative hat, her cuteness is tough to resist. 
A perfect way to end a delightful evening of tea.

Monday, January 14, 2013

{Woodland Animal Party} Brie's 6th Birthday

My very own Little Critter turned six years old last Saturday, hard to believe, I know!
We celebrated in my usual overly-indulgent way.
Treats and treats galore.
There was cake.
An adorable tree stump cake for our friend,

Six the Squirrel.
There were cupcakes.
Fox Hole Donuts, 

Critter Pops, 
Marshmallow Bunny Pops,
 and Ground Hog Cups.
 And that was just on the left side of the table.
On the right side I served,
Critter Cupcakes,
Twigs, Acorns, and
 "Do Not Feed" Bears.
 I even made a Gluten Free Bundt Cake.
Can you say, "mmm-mmm, good?"  Or maybe, "SUGAR HIGH!"
Woozer, there was some serious Critter Cuteness going on at our house last weekend.  So glad all my hard work in the kitchen paid off.   Brie had a fabulous Woodland Animal Party, can't wait to share more.  Stay tuned for decor, games, and action shots.  Memories, too sweet to no record.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas 2012

Christmas 2012 was the best one yet! Not only did I get to stay in my jammies ALL DAY LONG, but thanks to Truth in the Tinsel our hearts were prepared to be thankful for the gifts we received. And there were quite a few, thanks to the grandparents.
Before we got into all the fun Christmas action, Momma and Daddy had to set up the living room with...
Brie's new desk for her bedroom and,
Briar's custom built stage.  Didn't Rob do a great job?
Oh and we had to eat breakfast, even if these snowmen were almost too cute to eat!
Now we were ready, right Papa?
We were ready for a Furby,
and a "Heart Beating Doctor Doll".
My elves were ready too.  Ready for all the wrapping paper and assembly required. 

Now let's take a look at all Brie and Briar's goodies.
Yippee! A cell phone.  Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Dohner.
What's this? A Dream Lite?  Woo-hoo!  Thanks Grandma Nikki.
Did Sammy get a gift?  You betcha!
Playmobile Super Set, score!  This future Zoo Keeper is happy with Grandma and Grandpa Dohner!!!
Doll furniture, oh yeah!  Time to play little momma.  Grandma Nikki knew exactly what I wanted!
A 6ft tall cardboard castle?  This little princess is very happy about her new home from Papa Rick.
Finally, we were ready to bust out our new karaoke machine from Aunt Lois.  Just not sure the world is ready for a singing Dohner Family.  A singing Dohner Family with Nerf guns!!!
What can I say, best Christmas yet.  Merry Christmas from me and my Gnomies (Yes.  I recieved this t-shirt for Christmas from Robert.  Sigh, he tried).  Merry Christmas!!!