Thursday, April 17, 2014

I Fell In Love With Obiedence

Today my life changed. I fell in love with ten little toes. I fell in love with sharing Christ's love. And I fell in love with obedience.

Last year at this time my husband and I were busy staging our home to sell. It all started with two quick sentences.

“I think we should move into a condo downtown.”

“Okay. I will call the Realtor in the morning.”

This pattern of dialog is our typical M.O. We get an idea or whim, then we run with it. No planning, no prep, and no prayer. Don't believe me, last summer we loaded our Honda for a 3 week California road trip. We planned it 10 days in advance. It's how we have always been, until the Holy Spirit tugged my heart so hard I couldn't ignore it anymore.

Robert and I were nearing the end of Project: Sell This House, we were sitting outside watching our two girls “water sled” in the front yard. It was an afternoon I was feeling particularly melancholy. It was nearing the day two years prior we had quietly said goodbye to our third child. And I felt this tug, this little voice that said “You can't move”. And just as quickly as we agreed to move into our high-rise dream home, we agreed not to.

Prior to this time, Robert and I had said we were content with our family. We said it on the outside, but on the inside behind closed doors, we weren't. He wanted more kids. I wanted more kids. But we trusted God, that the door was shut for a reason. And indeed there was a reason, obedience.

Let's rewind a minute. Thirteen years ago, while sitting in a Mission's Conference at our home church Robert and I both felt the Lord telling us “Go”, “Go and do missions”. And at first we were very excited about it, but as time went on we never felt lead to any place in particular. Whether that was disobedience or no call I couldn't tell you. But when God says “Go!”, he means “Go!”

Summer passed, last fall approached and I decided that even though my Home-School Mom of Two schedule was oh-so-crazy, I was going to make every effort to attend our church's Ladies Bible Study. Something I had avoided for years, and years. This time the unit was on James, my favorite book in the Bible. How could I not go? Well, go I did. Changed, I was.

“Hey, I think we should adopt some kids out of the Foster Care system?”

“Okay, I will call the agency in the morning.”

Our M.O. was the same, but this time instead of doing things on our own, we prayed. We enlisted prayer warriors. We committed to making this journey about spreading The Good News, not about just growing our family. We were going to accept that call to “Go!”, and we were going to obey.

So tonight, I await ten toes. Ten toes that need a home for 3 days. And every minute of those three days, I pray I may show the love of Christ. That I may spread the Good News. That I may always obey.

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  1. You are AMAZING, Jessica! You and Robert and your girls - you are all such a blessing! {HUG}