Monday, March 30, 2009

Gone Green

I’ve got the bug, the “green thumb” bug and I’m running with it!

Since I live in the city and have absolutely no grass, I’ve started an organic container garden.

Green Pepper

Cucumber (and feet)


Cayenne Pepper


Chilli Pepper

Let's just hope my plants don't end up dead like the extras did.

If I continue to learn to "listen" to what my veggies are telling me you soon can join us at our new picinic table for a nice green salad. However, if history repeats itself you'll be joining us for a nice warm pizza instead.


  1. Mary Mary quite contrary, how does your garden grow?

    So cool - can't wait to enjoy that salad with you! We go for our 9 mo. checkup on thursday and we're excited to get a good report!!!! See you Sunday!

  2. I'm glad your feet were in it. I thought at first these were Dixie cups with seedlings in them!