Monday, May 11, 2009

Seven Months

Seven, seven month facts about Briar.
Briar gets really sad, if she's not in bed by 7pm.
Briar loves playing outside with her sister, the excersaucer is all she needs to be happy.

As for teeth, she's still gumming it.

Briar is a fussy eater, we now are forced to mix fruit with her veggies.

Briar is no longer sensitive to rice, which gives us hope that her tummy is getting stronger.

She's not on all four's yet, but that doesn't stop her from scooting about.

Pulling her sister hair is her favorite pass time.


  1. wow! look at those baby blues!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. And she has gorgeous eyes. Thanks for these pictures. So wonderful! Your girls are precious, and I've not even met them yet.

  3. What a cutie! Love the first picture, she looks terrified and mortified all at the same time, poor thing! You've got some adorable kiddos.