Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Father's Day

We had quite an eventful Father's Day Weekend, one that I'm happy to share with everyone.

Robert took Friday off work, while I would love to say it was so we could celebrate his awesomeness as a dad, sadly it was not. Instead it was so I could have a nose job. No, not rhinoplasty surgery, but septoplasty surgery. The surgery went well, and thankfully it did not come with the baby I feared I had delivered when waking from general anesthesia. The jury is still out on whether the surgery fixed my singing abilities, but it sure did improve my taste buds.

Saturday was a day to veg, I needed to have recovered enough to make it to Briar's Baby Dedication on Sunday morning. Recover I did, but in true second child form, I forgot my camera, err and a bottle. None the less it was a joy to dedicate Briar to be raised in the fear and adoration of the Lord.

Our Father's Day was wrapped up with a few naps.

Loads of cuteness.

And one special present.

Brie painted this cavas at Paint Paper Scissors for her awesome daddy.


  1. yes - loads of cuteness is right! And what is Paint Paper Scissors? That sounds like fun! My 3-year-old nephew is coming into town for the boys' bday - would that be a good place to take him?

  2. True second child--ha ha. I take it you were in a lot of pain after surgery? I didn't really hear the details.

    We just got back from a wonderful, wonderful week of camping, and I'm exhausted. But, I did shower, so I'm happy that way. And James took us all to Olive Garden for supper, so I'm full.