Monday, June 1, 2009

The "Have and Has" of the Dohner Ladies

I have decided to live my life, therefore we have no longer are quarintined to our house. I have found incredible peace in James 1. I have been super busy taking care of last minute details for the UBC Block Party, I'm coordinating again this year. I have found a new park to love; McCallister's. I have found the mother load of free digital scrapbook kits and have been frantically downloading them. I have enjoyed Robert reading The Forsyte Saga (my favorite book) outloud. And finally, I have received the worst haircut ever.

As for Brie--Brie has finally allowed someone to cut her hair, now we're twins (ugh). Brie has answered the telephone on occasion only to tell the call, "I get hair cut, it pretty and get candy". Brie has a new found love for Elmo. Brie has taken that love to the extreme, she will only wear her Elmo jammies at home. Brie has the same love for McCallister park. Brie has a passion for books and you will find her reading in the corner for minutes at a time. Brie has had her first friend stay the night, while her mommy had a baby boy. And, Brie has learned the meaning of annoying--little sister Briar.

Now on to Briar--Briar has mastered crawling. Briar has a inane love for cords. Briar has been cleared of her rice, barley or oats sensitivities (we're still holding out for wheat). Briar has mastered the art of sleeping. Briar has the biggest blue eyes, ever. Briar has been voted worlds best baby; therefore no need to continue with her "has's"

Here a few scrap's of my tid-bits--

Credits--lonely by ziska

Credits-Pretty Music by Maelia Design

Credits--Recycled by lynzriche

Credits-Mother's Love by Megan Trunsdale


  1. Boy, I love seeing your digital scrapbook pages. And I loved reading all about your lives. I'm so glad that you have un-quarantined yourselves. Hooray!

    I'm working on Rachel's portfolio today. It's not too much of a job, just a lot of gathering of things.

  2. hi!!!!! oh your LO's are so cute! I love them! Thanks for passing along the jackpot of scrapbooking freebies! i've already eaten up our external hardrive and I'm waiting for the right time to hit Jonathan up for HUB #2.