Sunday, September 20, 2009

C is for Caterpillar

Half Price Books Store has become my new favorite hangout, I love their children's section. While shopping there one afternoon this summer I picked up a book entitled "Salt Dough Fun". Last week I decided to open the book and try out our luck at making a salt dough caterpillar. Together we had a great time making this sweet creature and Brie helped me every step of the way.

First we whipped up a simple recipe of flour, salt and water.

All smiles from the pastry chefs.

Next we rolled out the dough. Notice Brie's "tiny roller", this was all of her own doing. Towards the begin of the project she looked at me with all seriousness and said, "Wait here, I be right back.", then just to be sure I understood she spoke again, "Just one minute, okay?" and off she ran to her room.

When she returned we were ready to roll, Brieto style.

A simple biscuit cutter helped to create our caterpillar's body.

And our tiny spatula was the perfect utensil for transferring are circular friend.

We even had enough dough left over to make some crazy shapes out of my new Ikea cookie cutters.
And my friends doubted I'd ever use them.

After ninety minutes in the oven we were ready to paint our masterpiece.

What a perfect way to spend a preschool morning with my big girl.

Of course not to be outdone,

Briar spent some time in the high chair playing with her caterpillar too.

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  1. Fun! I will let you know, these are the days and times you will remember the most. Some days, when you have a house full of teens and are feeling really nostalgic, they might even make you cry.