Friday, September 25, 2009

Gluten-Free That's What's For Dinner

It's a good think I love to bake, because I am going to be baking a lot in our future. This week Briar was confirmed to still have a gluten allergy. With her being just a few weeks shy of a year it's unlikely she will grow out of it so... While I'm thankful that Briar is a healthy little girl, I fear our meals are about to get interesting (and pricey)! Of course she's worth it, right?

Check out what is on her menu.

Corn Muffins and Craisins
Rice Rusks--Mum-Mum

Rice Pasta, Lima Beans and Italian Dressing


Corn Rotelli and Marinara Sauce
Ginger Snaps
Birthday Treat

Yellow Cake
(One can only imagine how good that taste.)
So what's the Briar verdict after day one?
Nom, Nom, Nom

Now the question remains, will daddy make the switch to gluten-free with us?


  1. Wow -you go girl!!!!!!!!! Who needs gluten anyway?????

  2. What exactly is gluten? I've never really researched it.

  3. Eating gluten free is a pain the rear, but it's sooo much healthier for you! Props for trying to find things that your sweet Briar can eat. :)