Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Let's Jam

Yesterday I snagged the last Barbie Guitar at Target, successfully hid it in the stroller, managed to advert Brie's attention while it passed down the conveyor belt only to have the cashier ask Brie "Is this for you?" as she placed the present in a bag. Brie then proceeded to claw her way out of the stroller, screaming "I WANT THAT, I WANT THAT, I WANT THAT..."! Smooth move Ruth, smooth!

After giving Ruth a quick evil eye, I explained to Brie she wasn't getting a toy today and she quietly sat back down. Thankfully all those lesson on teaching Brie one doesn't always get something at the store paid off because, quickly my girls were giggling again and I was able to leave the store with a hidden Barbie "Jam With Me" Rock Star Guitar. Another guitar disaster nearly missed.

So by now you've guessed it, I gave in and bought Brie the exact guitar she wanted. I don't know what I was thinking, well actually I do. I let our aggressive saving tactic turn me into a cheap mommy--momentarily! Thankfully for Brie and Briar I was able to snap out of it in order to purchase them a few generous gift for Christmas.

Now I ask, what should I do with the other "Barbie" guitar? Especially since Ross probably does not return defaced merchandise.


  1. Save it for Briar!! They will want to jam together.

    Ruth, you are a dork.