Friday, January 8, 2010

The Many Names of Our Girls

If I'm being honest I don't think our girls have much chance at being normal in life. Robert and I are big dorks, we love NPR, documentaries and saving lot of money. If having nerdy parents isn't reason enough to be weird, how about having nerdy nicknames.

Let's start with Brie, she's known as: Brie, Brieto, Breezy, Brietono, Briester, One, and Uno. Then there are others, like her Indian name Little Bird and her Japanese name Fumi. But wait there is even more, we can't forget her Princess names: Princess Tanaka from the royal line of Pink Tanaka's and Corinne from the French Musketeer family.

Of course not to be left out Briar has a few nicknames of her own: Briar, Bri, Briarooni, Two and Dos. Briar's Inidain name is Littler Bird and Chiakie is her Japanese name (the one Brie is most fond of), however she doesn't have any princess names, yet. Not to worry though, Robert plan to initiate her into the clan with an official Tanaka coronation ceremony when she turns two, "Then and only then she'll receive her princess name".

With so many nicknames, let's hope the girls never get lost. I fear they might not be able to tell the police their real names or our for that matter. Yes, we too have Indian, Japanese and Tanaka names--it makes for fun pretend!

How about you, do you have any nicknames?


  1. Finnegan: Finn, Dib (Used to be Dibbity and has been shortened to Dib), Dibby, Brother

    Penelope: Penny, sweet Pea, sis, sissy, pumpkin,

    We're not too creative, unfortunately. Hopefully as we get more into using our imagination, we will come up with other names!

  2. okay - here are ours:
    Me: Lis
    Jon: Jonny
    Zach: Zachy and Zach Attack
    Jonah: JoJo (that one is the newest b/c Zach now calls him JoJo.)

    that's all! we want to know your tell!

  3. Wow, I don't think I've ever heard of so many nicknames! LOL My most common nickname is "Gracie" followed by "G". I gotta admit, I'm a fan of being called G. Does that make me a dork?

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  5. wow..thats lot of names for the girls jess..hmmm..u know my story of last names..being indian,we r born with 2 names at here it goes mine:
    gudiya(hindi)-called by all elders in family
    didi/ di - my siblings or anyone younger then me(it means elder sister in hindi)
    niv,nivs,nita-old friends
    nive - us friends
    nevi - my in- laws
    and then there r names my husband calls me with :-)