Saturday, February 13, 2010

Let's Rodeo

Friday was Dollar Day at the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo, so I pryed Robert away from his actuary books and we made a trip downtown. On Dollar Day all the rides and treats (popcorn & cotton candy) are only a buck, but to our surprise so was admission, yee-haw!!! The only bummer was it cost $10 to park, seriously it's an already existing piece of concrete, 10 really!!!

After I begrudgingly handed over my cash we were free to roam. Once inside I began to feel slightly out of place. There were way too many cowboy hats, flannel shirts and belt buckles for my comfort level. At one point Robert leaned over and whispered, "I don't think we dressed to impress". One the other hand the girls, the animals they are, fit right in!

Here we are in front of a very large chicken.

Inside the grounds there were many exhibits. We saw pigs race, baby chicks hatch, and cows, lots and lots of cows. There were cows being milked, cows being combed, and even cows being vacuumed (this was slightly puzzling to our family)! However, Briar found nothing puzzling about the Horse Barn, she loved riding the pony.

Cowgirl, Briar Noelle--"Yee-Haw".

Brie on the other hand fell in love with the sheep. Especially the mother/daughter combo snuggling together for a nap.

"Say Baa-Baa"!

While visiting the swine barns, we even snagged a set of pig ears.

Our little piglets.

We rounded our afternoon out by visiting the HEB Coral (free moon bounces), petting zoo (ick) and carnival. The whole experience made this city girl feel slightly more Texan. As for the real Texans, you know the ones born here, they felt right at home.

My three Texans.


  1. Oh, wow. You have two born Texans. I never thought of that! What a fun day. Rodeo, Rodeo Drive...? HA!

  2. Robert was even born in Texas, so all three are real Texans!