Thursday, April 15, 2010

American Girl

It took me two days to make the drive up to Missouri. One probably could have done it in a day, but the desire to stop at the American Girl store in Dallas was enough motivation to make it a two part drive. So we left our humble home at 5am and headed north to Dallas, arriving at The Galleria at EXACTLY 10am!

Our first item of business was to pick out our Bitty Twins; Brie choose the Brown Eyed/Brunette and Briar choose the Blue Eyed/Blonde! Once we had our babies in their boxes we learned their hair required special brushes so we bought two of those. Then Briar tried to convince me we "HAD TO HAVE" the double stroller...

but I explained that this type of stroller was a Birthday/Christmas present.

Brie then tried talking me into the Bitty Kitchen, but again that was a Birthday/Christmas type of toy. Before we knew it an hour had passed and it was time to head upstairs for our 11 o'clock reservation at the Bistro. As expected our Bitty Twins got their own seat at the table, complete with menu and snack! Seriously, the whole experience was ridiculously hilarious!!

Surprisingly the food was really good, of course for the price it should be, right?

The girls each got pink drinks: Lemonade and Strawberry Milk.

We shared an appetizer of fruit and muffins.

Our Bitty Cheese Pizza and Bitty Tenders left little need to photograph. However my Spinach Stuffed Chicken Breast was both yummy and gorgeous.

Finally no trip to the AG Bistro would be complete without dessert so we indulged in a couple bowls of ice cream!!! Before we knew it everyone was back downstairs spending more money.

After our three hour American Girl reprieve we needed to get back on the road. So we loaded up our car and head onward. Onward to our hotel in McAlster, OK where we spent many hours reading to our Bitty Twins.

Snuggling with our Bitty Twins.

And taking our Bitty Twins on luggage cart rides.

The next day we safely arrived in Buffalo, Mo where we had a great time with our sweet Papa Virgle. Stay tune for all the down-home-southern fun the girls (and Bitty Twins) had.


  1. I LOVE that Bitty Twin double stroller. Rachel still plays with it regularly! Well worth it. And this looks like an amazing day. YAY!

  2. Oh - that trip looks like so much fun! Almost wish I was in the car with you! Almost...So glad you are back though!!!!

  3. Hilarious and adorable all at the same time. I bet your girls will remember this day for years to come! You're an awesome mom, Jess!!