Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bucket List

I use to think I had a long list of goals in life, you know, something along the lines of a "Bucket List", but when my cousin sparked my interest in actually writing them down I found it increasingly difficult to come up with ten. Therefore I settled on five, Five Fabulous Things Jessica Wants To Do in Life:

1. Travel to Prince Edward Island with my girls.
(After they too fall in love with the Anne of Green Gables story, of course.)

2. Serve on a jury.
(I am fully aware that posting this on my blog will more than likely prevent me from being selected for any jury, but ever since I developed my unorthodox crush on Jack McCoy I can't resist wanting to be in a court room.)

3. Watch a Broadway Play, on Broadway, live.
(I have loved Musicals all my life, well maybe just since Middle School when The Rosie O'Donnell talk show gave me the "warm & fuzzies" for all things Broadway.)

4. Visit an Olympic Game.
(Summer, Winter it doesn't matter, just to be their live would be amazing.)

5. Have a Stamp in my Passport.
(I'm not picky, take me anywhere.)

Making this list was hard, there are so many things in life I would do (i.e. visit the Taj Mahala, Helli-Ski or cross the country only using public transportation), but there are so few things in life I have to do to be happy. Worshiping the Lord (especially with my family) is all I need to be content in life.

So how about you what, five things are on your "Bucket List"?


  1. You know, I really ought to do this, too. What WOULD I like to do?

    But, if I died today, I'd die happy. I would have done all the things that God planned for me to do. And that was enough.

  2. The Anne of Green Gables tour across Prince Edward Island is on my bucket list, too! My mom and I have been talking about this trip for years; hopefully we actually take it some day! And I hope you get to take it, too! :)