Sunday, October 3, 2010

Get Your Bake On

Ever since Briar's food allergies caused her a near death experience, Robert and I have been very cautious with what we serve. The doctor recommended that we feed her nothing with nuts, rice or corn syrup. Sound's simple enough right? Wrong! Her nut allergy is so severe we can not risk her even eating something manufactured in a facility with peanuts. Which leaves me with no choice but to make most of our food from scratch. Tasty yes, easy no!

Lately Sunday as been the most convient day to bake our nut-free goods, especially since we've made a commitment to keep the day "low-key". I usually spend a few hours in the kitchen whipping up some tasty treats for the week. But today I really "got my bake on": one apple crumb pie, two loaves of honey oat bread and five dozen cookies (made with homemade chocolate chips).

While slaving away in the kitchen for a split second I thought, "why me?"! Why Lord did you give me two girls, with two different "special needs" (Brie-Sturge Weber and Briar-Food Allergies)! Why did you, knowing I'm a worrier by nature, give me girls who require a bit of extra care? And instantly I thought of James 1 (the passage of scripture that sustains me through motherhood) and the joy returned!

God made my girls using His perfect recipe and he placed them in my kitchen on purpose. See friends Brie's Struge Weber and Briar's food allergies were all part of His plan. And these trials I face, Port Wine Stain, Glaucoma, Epi-Pens, from-scratch cooking are all to bring me closer to Him. How can I not be over joyed to serve a God that wants a close relationship with me. For if my Father can sacrifice His son for me, I can bake some nut-free bread for my daughter.

So, you can call me crazy for turning their lunches into this...

but you can't call me crazy for baking these nut-free treats.


  1. So sweet. Thanks for the good reminder, Jessica.

  2. I don't call you crazy either way! I call you a good, good mom!