Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Halloween Party 2010

I never use to like Halloween, it made me uncomfortable. I have this ongoing battle within as to whether Halloween is a holiday Christians should celebrate. And since I have yet to hear a strong biblical defense to avoid such a "sweet" holiday, I have decided to get over whatever hiccups I may have and let my girls enjoy the season of candy. This year we did it with a costume party.

That's not to say we don't stay way from scary witches, vampires and ghosts. But these cute monsters, we're all over!

Along with lots of candy and darling cupcake napkins.

And if we're having a Halloween party we aught to drink at least one glass of Blood Orange French Soda, right?

Plus you can't forget the popcorn, seriously no Halloween is complete without this salty snack.

Or is it, no Halloween is complete without costumes. Like these cutes Lady Bugs...

...and this Superman and Cinderella.

Even though I'm Halloween challenged, I was happy to make the season special for my girls. Brie and Briar loved it so much they're still thanking me for the "Halloween Birthday Party". And I'm still thanking my sweet friend Nive for the awesome idea and filling pizza!

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  1. Those ladybugs are SOOOO cute! And I think of Halloween as a dress up day.