Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween from the Dohner Family!

The day started off with three sick girls in bed together. You can thank Rob for this lovely photo.

After a lot of rest and yummy treats,

we were "well" enough to do a short Trick or Treat run around the block!

My sweet little Lady Bugs!

After Brie informed me, "this Trunk or Treating is too loud and there are too many kids, let's go home" we went home to hand out candy!

Briar enjoyed chill'n on the porch!
Once the girls thoroughly insulted the last trick or treater calling her a "nasty witch" and "dirty" we decided to go inside for my favorite part of Halloween...

sorting our candy!

Brie loved her puppy tattoos mommy added when she traded out the girls candy for their "nut-free" treats. Now what to do with all the other candy?


  1. What to do...what to do! Mwahahahahaha!!!

  2. Ha ha ha...I love the photo of the three of you sleeping. So sweet! Looks like you girls had a good Halloween!!