Friday, October 15, 2010

Petite Rouge and Grand Amusement

Thursday was the last full day for mom in San Antonio, so we made the most of it. First on the agenda was a trip to Majik Theater for a showing of Petite Rouge. A musical based of the book Petite Rouge by Mike Artell.

Everyone loved the play, but not everyone loved the 'gator.

It probably would have been easier to wrestle a 'gator than get Brie to let Dylan Collins (the actor who played Claude The 'Gator) sign her book.

Afterwards everyone was hungry, hungry for The Guenther House.

The fact that the restaurant has an awesome gift shop full of cookie cutters had nothing to do with my craving (wink, wink)!

Since we were already downtown a little site seeing was in order.

La Vitta led to Alamo Plaza which led to River Center Plaza which led to the day slipping away. Before we knew it, it was time to meet Robert at our favorite nut-free restaurant Gromaldi's Brick Oven Pizza.

Trust me, it's yummy!

The day ended with a kid free trip Target and a night of scrap booking. I'll be sad to see my housekeeper, babysitter, shopping partner and friend go home, but alas it's time! Have a safe flight home Mom!

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  1. Yay for a great visit!!! And for the report and pictures!