Monday, November 8, 2010

{Muffin Tin Monday} Deep In The Heart of Texas

I was very nervous for my first, No Theme Muffin Tin Monday. I find my creativity works best with a little direction, but alas I think I came through anyway. My Theme: Deep In The Heart Texas.

This weeks theme was inspired by Brie's new found interest in where we live.

Outer Column:

  • Texas Shaped tortilla chips.
  • Lone Star cup of oranges and pickles.
  • Cowboy Hat cheese with sun shaped crackers.

Inner Column:

  • Salsa (a Texas favorite) in a red silicone cup.
  • Texas shaped sandwich with a heart shaped fruit leather.
  • Red mini cupcake, because we all know Texas is a red state.


  1. I love the sandwich with the heart. The chips are so cool. I have never seen chips in the the shape of South Carolina the state I live in.

  2. Well, as a fellow Texan, I absolutely adore your theme. Each and every element you selected is oh-so-cute-and-clever! "Red mini cupcakes, because we all know Texas is a red state"-LMBO! Yours is my favorite tin today. :o)

  3. I have never seen state-shaped tortilla chips. I love this tin! Clever ways to incorporate your state. I would not have a clue what to do for Indiana.

  4. yeehaw! so cute! my mom just bought me a Texas cookie cutter! HEB chips? love them! and those cowboy hats are so fun!

  5. Dang, girl! You could write a book! And, I don't really want you to bake me anything. Although if you were here, I'd want a muffin tin lunch. Since you aren't, I'll just feast on the pictures!

  6. Too cute! I can't believe there are Texas tortilla chips! (actually I can) I may live in Iowa, but my heart lives in Texas (and my mama!). Such a cute tin.

  7. This is a great idea for a tin! This is a great way to teach a child about where you live, too! And I, too, love the state-shaped chips. Where on earth did you find those (although, something tells me they only come Texas-shaped, right?)

  8. So cute! I haven't seen state-shaped tortilla chips they're great!

  9. Yes friends, Texas is probably the only state that sells Texas Shaped Chips. HEB a Texas grocery store sells them, but you know one could easily make them.

    All you would need is a soft tortilla, state shaped cookie cutter and an oven. Good Luck and thank you for all your kind commint. I can't believe how many comments I have. There haven't been this many since I announce Briar was born!