Monday, November 15, 2010

{Muffin Tin Monday} Food Pyramid

Did you know there is a new food pyramid? I didn't, at least not until I started doing research for this weeks Muffin Tin Monday theme. You can check it out at this!

That's right folks, this weeks MTM theme is the Food Pyramid and I did my best to creatively represent every color: Orange (Grain), Green (Veggie), Red (Fruit), Yellow (Sugar), Blue (Dairy) and Purple (Meat & Beans). So with out further ado here she is friends...

Since this week's theme was the Food Pyramid, I felt the tin should center around a
*Pyramid Shaped Fig Sandwich
Grain--Orange muffin cup filled with Wheat Thin Stix
Veggies--Green muffin cup filled with cucumber (and cute veggie pick)
Fruit--Red muffin cup filled with grapes and banana slices
Meat--Purple lunch pick of honey ham
Blue--Blue muffin cup filled with yogurt
Sugar--Yellow sprinkles atop yogurt

My favorite after thoughts were these cute veggie picks I bought on,

and the yellow sprinkles atop the yogurt were a subtle way to represent the sugar line.

I can't promise we'll follow the Food Pyramid rules every lunch, but it sure was fun to practice them today!