Tuesday, December 14, 2010

{Advent Lunches} Eggman

When we arrived home from our beach trip yesterday (which I plan to blog about later today) I found a special box on the door step. A box containing Bake It Pretty goodies-- goodies like winter hat picks and snow globe picks. So naturally I was eager to make today's "Jesus Our Joy" lunch.

(Snowball Cheese Puffs and Star Marshmallow, Ham, Hard Boiled Egg Man, Fruit Salad and Snowflake Sprinkles)

What I love most about these "winter picks" is I can use them through out the entire winter season, not just at Christmas time. And with picks that cute, you better believe they'll be used often! Now if I can just get my girls to eat eggs!!!

Disclaimer: The egg man was not an original idea, it was inspired by Melissa at AnotherLunch.com


  1. Love the new look of your blog! Super sleek and clean! love it

  2. Egg man - bahaha, too cute and funny! :o)