Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Which Way To The Beach: Day Two AM

The next morning we woke up extra early 6:30, (so much for sleeping in on vacation) and enjoyed our free hotel breakfast. At breakfast some where between fruit loops, cinnamon rolls and biscuits daddy agreed to another trip to the pool. Can you say, softy!!!

After checking out of our Holiday Inn Express (one of our favorite little hotels) we headed downtown to visit parks, piers and beaches.

First up were the piers, as usual I can't remember it's name, but here we are anyway!
Next it was off to a cool (and crisp) beach front playground. Brie had the entire park to herself, exactly how she likes it best.

Briar choice to nap instead, I guess a 7 am dip in the pool really wears a girl out.

After playing hard all morning we decided to stop for some sustenance at What-A-Burger on the Bay.

It's the world's only two story What-A-Burger restaurant.

Yeah that's how we roll!!!

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  1. love it looks like u had a great time got the pictures today love the pictures today love them give them big kisses from me god bless love aunt Brenda