Friday, January 14, 2011

Brie's AG Cowgirl Party

I love making my girl's birthdays special, and yesterday was no different. Even though I wasn't hosting a big party, I still wanted to make a themed dessert table for Brie. My little Texan chose an American Girl Cowgirl theme and I quickly went to work creating this...

It's definitely not over the top, but I'm glad for that. Besides the rodeo serve ware I was able to create this entire table with out buying a single thing. The platforms were made from left over Christmas paper and an American Girl shopping bag, the candy jars were filled with old holiday candy and the cowboy straws were created with food picks purchased for a Texas themed bento lunch.

As for the cake, I usually make cute cupcakes or a theme shaped cake...
but this year I made a simple four tier cake. It's "cowgirl" because I plopped a couple rodeo boots on top. LAME, yes -- SIMPLE, yes!
Thankfully Brie didn't mind, she seemed genuinely thrilled to blow out her birthday candles!

Almost as thrilled as she was over this mountain of presents! Can someone say ONLY grandchild!
(Briar and Gammie Dede did a great job helping celebrate.)

Some of her favorite gifts were a bed for Ila to sleep on...
and a photo album filled with Brie and Ila memories!
But no and I say NO, San Antonio birthday celebration is complete without a pinata.

Thank you Papa Chuck for helping us collect all the a candy!!!

What a great party, sometimes "low-key" is just as much fun as "blow-out"! Thank you Grandma and Grandpa Dohner for being a part of Brie's fourth big day!

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  1. Only grandchild? Er, did you take Briar out to the desert and leave her to the dingoes?