Friday, March 11, 2011

Science Lesson

It's been awhile since I've taken the girls on any fun adventures, so this Thursday we decided to go on a little road trip to New Braunfels, Texas. After a pit stop at Wendy's for chicken nuggets, fries and gluten-free chili we visited the McKenna Children's Museum! Thank you Groupon!

I thought our trip was going to be pure fun, but instead it was a lesson in genetics.

You see blonde haired--blue eyed Briar is just like her father,

she longs to learn how to sail and....

hopes to make her own mix-master demo on an "Electribe" just like daddy!

While sandy haired--hazel eyed Brie is more like her mother,

she really likes money (Sunday School Quote " My favorite part of Creation is money"),

especially when one can spend it shopping at gourmet grocery stores.

Thankfully I will never let Robert sail the ocean blue, and he still has yet to let me buy Xanthum Gum--so I think the girls might have hope for a balanced life! Might!


  1. What is xanthum gum???? cute pictures!

  2. Isn't the xanthum gum quite essential in gluten free cooking or something??you have to buy it...Love love the pictures and your stories.

  3. Hey, even non-cook ME has xantham gum!