Monday, May 9, 2011

{Muffin Tin Monday} Mother's Day Edition

This week I decided to make a Mother's Day Thank You tin for my girls, Brie and Briar!

Rice Cake Girls (Sun Butter, Rice Chex, Peep Ears & Sprinkles)
Letter B Cheese with Gluten Free Turkey
Strawberries and Purse Pick
Grapes and Nail Polish Pick

Thankfull the girls though it a sweet "thank you" for my adorable Mother's Day gift too!

Daddy did a good job this year!


  1. those rice cake girls are tooo cute!!!!!!

  2. Love your tin. I agree that the rice cake girls are cute. I have never heard of sun butter before though. And I guess I never realized there was a need for gluten free turkey.
    Hope you had a great Mother's Day.
    You have very precious girls.

  3. Super cute! I love the rice cake girls!

  4. That is SO cute, my daughter would LOVE a tin like this!! Where did you get the girly picks? must get some...

  5. Cute tin - love the faces. What is sun butter?

  6. What a sweet idea. Everything is so cute and girly :)

  7. *SunButter is a Gluten Free, Nut Free alternative to Peanut Butter! My family is plagued with crazy food allergies, which is one reason I try so hard to make their food fun! Since cookies, bread and anything extra tasty is not on our menu!!!