Saturday, June 4, 2011

Shakespeare In The Park

This weekend our family saw Shakespeare In The Park, twice. The Magik Theather was putting on a free performance of Twelfth Night at the San Antonio Botanical Gardens and it was fabulous! Magik sure knows how to do comedy, even Shakespeare's comedies! Since we're crazy and arrived an hour before the gates opened we were able to snag great seats (shade was at a premium), and have plenty of time to get our wiggles out by... smelling the flowers (at least I think that's what Brie's trying to do), and... by DANCING! There was lots and lots of dancing going on at our little quilt. Who knew anyone could swing dance to "The Beach Boys", let only Daddy! Once dusk started to set in the mood turn relaxed. Everyone settled into place, and then a different place, and yet another place,until finally everyone was happily seated enjoying the humor and delight of Twelfth Night!

I was amazed at how much Brie and Briar picked up from the show, Brie literally wanted a "play by play". They LOVED it! And so did I!


  1. so sweet! I love their outfits!

  2. Wait - that anonymous comment was mine!