Monday, July 25, 2011

Disney Vacation: Day Four

Monday night we attended a Pirates and Pals Fireworks Voyage along the Seven Seas Lagoon. The event was three hours of riveting entertainment and yummy snacks! But for us, our entertainment started an hour early in the Disney Contemporary Resort gift shop! You see all week the running joke was that "Jessica makes us arrive everywhere an hour early"! But if we had not arrived early how could we have time to try on Goofy Hats! Or Pluto caps! Or even Chitmuck heads?

After having fun killing a bit of time we headed back to our ballroom to have a jolly good time pirate style. Briar, however, was not digging the "pirate style"! Apparently, the bandanna we were required to wear was "Not Pretty!!!" She informed, Mom, Dad and even Grandma "I NOT WEARING THAT" several times!!!
Finally I convinced her that if I tied it to the back of her dress no one would see it and she would still be pretty! That seemed to work, that and the amazing snack table inside! After "stealing" a whole bunch of pirate treasures we fond a spot on the floor to enjoy our....
cotton candy! Soon Captain Hook and Mr. Smee arrived. And well, Briar was still not trilled with the evening, apparently she "likes girls"!Really how much money did we have to pay for that smile???? Even Brie appeared to be a little shy of the characters, which is why mom and dad hopped in the picture! Who am I kidding, I really wanted my picture taken with them too!!! After everyone had a turn with Captain Hook and Mr. Smee, Patch our tour guide took us out on a real pirate adventure! Not exactly sure how the girls felt about it, their faces crack me up! Brie soon warmed to the idea and began playing along, singing songs, telling jokes and answering trivia questions! Before we knew it the fireworks began to sound off, it was pure magic! Alas all good things must come to an end, but if they must, let all pirate voyages end by meeting Peter Pan!!!
So long as Peter Pan doesn't come to their window tonight and ask for help spring cleaning. I don't think I could bare to see them fly off to Neverland!

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