Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Figgy Fun

Earlier in the month the girls and I made a "field trip" to Love Creek Orchard in Medina, TX. If you want to call the double row of fruit trees an orchard, it was a far cry from our beloved Michigan orchards. None the less, we made the most of our morning! Figs were in season, but being the city girls we are I had no idea which tree was filled with the figgy goodness. Thanks to the trusted i-phone the girls were soon steered in the right direction and picking away! And playing away too! Briar was so proud of her soft, green fig! Brie was "thrilled" with her bag of fruit!And I was thankful for my new, MacWagon, it made hauling our loot a breeze. Thanks Mom!Boy do we love fall, but figs, not so much!

Shh, don't tell....but our $5 bag of figs went straight to the trash.

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