Sunday, September 25, 2011

South Texas Maize

Once a year Mom, the girls and I have a "Girl's Trip". This year we kept it more a stay-cation of sorts. As with all girl's trips we did our fair share of shopping; two hours in Ross, one major Coach decision and a mother-load of Gap Outlet finds. But believe it or not there was more to this Girl's Weekend than just shopping (and Starbucks)! On Saturday night we made a road trip to the South Texas Maze.Where the girls jumped on a Corn Popper.

Drove a Maize Bus.

Played atop bales of hay. We even took a real, hayride!

In fact two of us took a barrel ride, but only one of us will do it again.

However all the fall fun aside, one goes to the Graff Family Farm for their corn maze.
It's probably the only time one can get lost,
and still smile about it!

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