Tuesday, October 25, 2011

{Field Trip} B is for Butterfly

B is for Butterflies, specifically the Amazing Butterfly exhibit at the San Antonio Botanical Gardens.
Metamorph with us!

Life Cycle 1: Egg
We'll rhyme our way through the egg stage with poems!
Life Cycle 2: Larva
Next we'll experience the exhibits Cooperative Crawls,
climbing leaves,
pinball with ants,
and even be nibbled by a bird!

Life Cycle 3: Pupa
Before long the girls we will big fat caterpillars, ready to become a chrysalis!
With a few twist and turns, poof they'll emerged into a beautiful butterfly!
Life Cycle 4: Adult
However, beware butterflies, don't get caught in a web... a spider might eat you up!
Instead enjoy a matting dances,
lay a couple of eggs,
and do lots,
and lots of flying!

The Amazing Butterflies exhibit was the perfect way to spend an afternoon learning about butterfly behaviour,
and the letter B!!!

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