Thursday, October 27, 2011

Llama, Llama We Love Gabe's Momma!

Yesterday was pretty much the best bento day, ever! After a sweet hug from my friend Rebekah (the first in three years) she handed over these authentic Peruvian llama picks.  Squee!  But, it gets even better!!!  That same day on a late night HEB trip I found my coveted Fuel Sandwich box.  That's right, instead of paying $8.50 a box for an Amazon order, I snagged four for only $9!!!  Can I get another, SQUEEEE!!!  My bento life is complete.
Our Peru themed lunch includes:  Sun Butter and Jelly Sandwich Square, Pretzels, Carrots, String Cheese, Apple, Bologna and Grape Llama Picks and a P*E*R*U cheese message.  All a hit with both of my girls!

So thank you Gabe's mama, for bringing a South American smile to our face with a pair of llamas

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