Friday, April 27, 2012

Disney World 2012, Magic Kingdom's Fantasyland

When I think Disney World, I think Magic Kingdom. There is something about it that brings the inner child out of oneself.  Or at least it does me.
Which may be why I had us through the gate, parked, and boarding the ferry 45 minutes before opening (much to my mother's chagrin).
On a side note, if one ever drives to Magic Kingdom take a picture of where you parked, at the end of the day you'll have forgotten.  Also, if you have a double stroller, skip the monorail and take the ferry across the pond.  SO MUCH EASIER!!!
After Brie's rough night, she was less than thrilled at the prospect of another theme park day.
However, once in line for Dumbo, our first ride she perked up,
Brie even posed for a picture with momma inside our ears.
Briar was all smiles aside Grandma in her pink Dumbo.  Now for the million dollar question, "Is Grandma smiling because she's riding Dumbo, or because Jessie's obsessive, mad-dash to beat the crowds to the que is over?", I don't think she'll ever tell!  Sigh.  If you only new how important racing to Dumbo's Ears is to me, Mom! 
Aah, I digress.  I had hoped to get the girls on Goofy's coaster next, but Briar was not up for it just yet.  So we opted for a spin on Mad Hatter's Tea Cups instead, and by we I mean Brie, Briar and I.  Mom just can't stomach spinning ride, anymore!
It only seemed fitting after the ride to meet Alice again,
but truth be told the girls were really in line to meet the White Rabbit.  Brie kept reciting, "I'm late. I'm late. No time to say goodbye, I'm really, really late".  Listening to her get excited (a rare treat) is the reasons I love vacationing at Disney.
It's a good thing we weren't late for a ride on Winnie The Pooh's Adventure, the world would have missed out on Brie's BIG smile.
Briar was all smiles after making her daily souvenir purchase, but not so much when we got off the Snow White's Scary Adventure ride.  Briar, I'm with you, it was kinda creepy!
Good thing the carousel, wasn't scary.
It was good-old-fashion fun.  Don't you think blue-eyed-Briar???
Did someone say fun?  Well, I wouldn't say, the It's A Small World ride was fun, but it was certainly pleasant.

As pleasant as our lunch table view, what fun it was to eat while watching other parkers board a Small World boat.  Great table choice mom!

Our picnic lunches, gave everyone the energy needed to press on.

 Press on over to Mickey's Phillharmagic 4D show,
where everyone got a little wet, laughed, and sang along.  I should say not everyone was aloud to sing along.  Little Briar kept telling me to "Shhh, let the princesses sing Mom"  I'm not that bad of a vocalist Briar, let this peasant girl sing.
Thankfully there was no singing on my favorite Magic Kingdom ride, Peter Pan's Flight.  Of course for Briar there was no remembering it either.  It appears the pixie dust not only helped us fly above Neverland, but it also put Rooney to sleep.

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