Thursday, May 10, 2012

Click, Clack, Princess

Meet the cast of Click, Clack, Princess.
Tonight the rain put a dent in our trip to the park, so instead Robert and the girls put on a play.
The stage was set for a barnyard adventure,
filled with a dancing cow,
a singing cow,
and one feisty princess.
The poor princess had lost her Inky Dinky Doo,
sending Cow 1,
and Cow 2 (who did her own make-up) on a....
funtastical search.
Together they work diligently (and musically),
to find Inky Dinky Doo!
It was a performance worthy of a bow,
 and photo-opt!
 I think I have a couple future Magik Theater company members on my hand.

Tonight is reason 101 why I love my husband, Brie and Briar's father.  Robert thank you for being a man who helps cultivate the girl's imagination.  Life without you wouldn't be nearly as much fun!

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