Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Disney World 2012, Even More Magic

Guess what? By 3:30, there was still time for even more magic at the Magic Kingdom.
Briar and I shared in a special trip on the Jungle Cruise alone, while Brie and Grandma kicked back for a rest.
Before long it was time to meet some Princesses,
because there was no one in line, we received some extra special attention.
The attention from Belle and.... 
Briar Rose was appreciated.
I love how Briar is holding their hands, she's such a sweetie.
Next we made a quick hop over to Mickey and Minnie's line, the que was a meer10 minutes. 
Having missed this experience last year, Brie was THRILLED to meet her animal friends.
And, well, so was I!
Of course with most lines, Mickey and Minnie funneled into a gift shop.  A gift shop were Grandma was ready and willing to spoil her girls.
Thanks Grandma for our Rapunzel doll and Rapunzel figures.
For me the best part of the day, was riding the train while eating this jewel.
At least  I got a bite in before Briar informed me her ice cream choice was "gross" and we needed to switch.
Soon after the train ride Briar had enough courage to give Goofy's coaster a try.  Unfortunately, I couldn't get her on another ride after it, she was literally scared to death on the ride.
Instead we settled for a hot dog, castle show, and a quite feery ride back to our hotel.

Briar and I had a magical day at Magic Kingdom, but by 7pm it was time to take Brie and Grandma to their favorite vacation spot...The Pool!

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