Saturday, July 21, 2012

Don't Let The Pigeon Direct The Show

Today was a puuurfect day, the culmination of two productive weeks at Camp Showbiz!
Kitty and her brave friends fought off a vulture and one persistent pigeon, to save the Tattoine Hospital Fundraiser from disaster!
This original work of creativity, made mom and dad beam with pride.
Everything from the costumes,
to the script ("What's that in the sky?  A giant vulture, AHHHHHH!")
to the staging,
were produced and performed by the kids in her class!
There was even an Adelle parody, called "Rolling in the dough"!!!
Brieto, we're so proud of you. Your smile, your hard work, your obedient spirit, and your sweet heart-- It is our prayer that you grow to be a godly woman, who loves the Lord, and uses all your gifts and talents for His glory. Way to go Kitty Pigeon!

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