Monday, August 20, 2012

Happy 29th Birthday, To Me!

The best part about my 29th birthday being over is, I can now start planning my Big 3-0 Bash!
Which means I have a whole year to top, a steak dinner on the Riverwalk with my enthusiastic daughters.
Chocolate ice cream at an old fashion parlor.
Ceramic lizards from a downtown gift shop.
Gluten-free cake with friends on a Girl's Night Out date.
And "Not A Birthday Present" flowers!
However, I image a few things will stay the same.
I'll have a birthday lunch with my sweet friend Emily,
where I will receive a gift of something I didn't even know I needed, until I open the package.  Like these cooling racks. Yeah, she's that good!
Once Rob returns home from work, he will hide my homemade cake, unnoticed by me.
I will then open a present I bought for myself,
and something selected by Robert and the girls.  Desk lamps, seriously?

Most importantly, next year, I will probably go to bed knowing I am loved.  Feeling I need to be on my knees more, thanking God for this marvelous life He has given me.  I am truly blessed!

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