Friday, August 24, 2012

{Home School Sneak Peek} Simple Projects

Every classroom in America has a bulletin board, and now so does ours.
In addition to a couple of cork boards, I added another Pinterest project to our classroom; an oil drip pan turned magnet board.
A $10 Walmart oil drip pan, tacked to the wall with 3M Velcro tape.  Seriously, that's all there is to it.
I did take the time to jazz up the board.  I simply put up one of Briar's original art peices. It's cute enough to leave up all year, light enough to hold onto with magnets, and hides the pan's stamped logo.
Did someone say hide? That's exactly what I did to our Home Entertainment System.  Thanks to my Downton Abbey and Magnum PI addiction (that's right, I'm a sucker for Brittish accents), the enormous grey box still needs to be hosted in our school room.  However, "screen time" can be a huge distraction for my girls.
To solve the problem of the enticing TV, I encouraged the girls to draw a scene with Sharpies onto a standard shower curtain liner.  I then attached it to our entertainment nook using a tension rod and curtain rings.  Voila, an inexpensive way to display ones kids creativity and get rid of an eyesore at the same time.
 Did I also mention it double as a great set backdrop,
 when the family decides to put on a play (Here I am starring as The Hammer Head Shark, I nailed the role).
 It's not everyday you see a whale in red shorts,
an orange dolphin,
or a mermaid with legs.  But thanks to our backdrop, it still felt like we were really Under The Sea. 

Whether you home school or not try to find simple, screen-free ways to connect with your kids.  You'll be truly blessed for it.

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