Thursday, August 9, 2012

Sea World Camp, Day Four

Today was an extra special day for us at Sea World Adventure camp,
and no it wasn't just because Daddy tagged along.
The main excitement stemmed from the fact that we took an AWESOME behind the scenes tour,
to play with the dolphins.
Have you ever seen a bigger smile?
Maybe it's because we watched some sweet dolphins being trained.
Or because we let a sting ray suck on our hand.
Although, I think touching a shark was what made the day for Brieto, just look at that smile.
I too touched the shark's back, here is proof.  Anyone who knows me well enough will need it!
Briar on the other hand, recieved the most joy from feeding the Sea Lions!
"1, 2, 3, Drop, Mom! That's how you do it"!!!
I'm sure the new pups enjoyed their tasty treats.
And we enjoyed Ms. Christina taking us on all our wonderful adventures, here at Sea World San Antonio!

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