Wednesday, September 19, 2012

{Field Trips} South Texas Heritage

Today after Brie's science class at the San Antonio Botanical Garden, we took advantage of Free Tuesday's at the Witte Museum.
  I was eager to explore the new South Texas Heritage exhibit that opened this summer,
making horse lov'n Briar excited about the many faux horses to saddle up on.
The exhibit had many touch screen activities for the girls to engage with,
as well as, good ole' fashion hands on learning.  (How many pumps does it take to fill a 20 gallon bucket?).
The exhibit was a great way to reinforce some of the Texas Facts we learned this week in school.
Fun facts like the Texas State Bird is the Mocking Bird,
a bird that can even imitate machinery, like oil wells.
As well as, facts about the Texas State Plane, The Prickly Pear Cactus, Do Not Touch!
Of course we did take a little extra time to explore the HEB Science Tree House, learning how a crane works.
Or viewing the Urban Wildlife in Brackenridge Park.
All and all it was a practically perfect Tuesday afternoon, I think we may just revisit the museums next Tuesday afternoon.

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