Saturday, September 15, 2012

{Home School Weekly Round Up} Three Weeks in One Post

On the first day of school, I had this grand idea to post a weekly round-up of all the fun projects we had completed throughout the week.
 Like our First Day Of School's, The Kissing Hands report.
 However, I never got around to it, until now.  I'm kicking off our Home School Weekly Round Up, with highlights from our first three weeks of school.  Starting with a field trip to Lego Kids Fest in Austin, Texas.
 The girls had many opportunities to use their imagination,
 as well as, follow directions to build fun Lego creations.
 We took our second week of school on the road to, South Padre Island, Texas.
Life Science was our subject focus for the week, by taking many field trips.  Trips to the ocean, Sea Life Museum, and The Sea Turtle Hospital.
 Aside from watching a Sea Turtle surgery (poor buddy lost his flipper in a fishing line incident),
we met many rehabilitated Sea Turtles up close and personal.
Week Three of school had us in full swing, and EXTRA busy.  One of the many highlights was our once a month Zoo School class for homeschoolers.  The $25 was well worth the experiences we shared learning about Urban Wildlife. 
Both girls were slightly nervous about sitting at a table with other kids while mommy watched from the side lines, 
however once Tigger the Tiger Salamander made an appearance everyone had seemed to warm up.
Here is Brie hard at work on her observation log.  My little lefty was eager to log all about the little critters she saw around the San Antonio River. 
Stay tuned for Week Four, we've got a big Flowering Fruits class at the San Antonio Botanical Gardens.

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