Friday, September 28, 2012

{Weekly Round-Up} Our Instagram Week

Since I already shared with you Monday's dreadful performance because of a new iPhone, today I'll showcase the perks of my new smart phone.  Instagram.  This weeks pictures are all courtesy of my new Instagram application.

On Tuesday, Brie attended her weekly fall science class at the Botanical Gardens.
Afterwards, we took advantage of Free Tuesday at the Witte Museum.  Again.  This time we visited a neat taxidermy exhibit.  The Breaver was in critter bliss.

While Brie was in her weekly art class, Briar and I enjoyed a lunch date.  I love my adventurous eater.  Sushi Rolls, yummo!
Later that day was Sports Night at AWANA Club.  Briar rocked out her ballet clothes, while Brie rocked out five verses.  Woot Woot.

Thursday was a bust for the Dohner Education Department.  My only saving grace was the two hours spent at the library.  This week we switched our gears into an impromptu Johnny Appleseed, Tall Tales Series.  Who needs lesson plans everyday!

We always end our week with ballet. Brie and Briar sure know how to pointe us in the right direction for the weekend.  Like Family Game Night, Sequence style.
 Of course, it's all fun and games until....
momma wins.

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