Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Branson Bound

A few weeks ago we split the difference and met Grandma and Grandpa Dohner in Branson.
It was a LONG drive,
but the fun we shared was well worth it.
We saw shows like The New Shanghai Circus,
and Sight and Sound's Joseph.
As well as, experiencing the beautiful fall foliage of The Ozarks.
I even convinced the grandparents to join us at Silver Dollar City,
home to many of my very own childhood memories.
One of which does not included, the terror of The Frog Hopper ride.
But I do believe the Dowell kids came home with these souvenirs every trip to Grandpa's Farm.
I hope my girl's have found memories of spending a week in Branson with their grandparents, just like I do.

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