Tuesday, November 13, 2012

TRUTH in the TINSEL, A Must Have

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Have you discovered Truth in the Tinsel, yet?
After hearing many wonderful reviews about TITT, last week I took the plunge and bought the $8 e-book.  I am officially in love with Amanda White's Advent Experience.  After just a few short hours  of preparation our family is ready for this Christ Centered Christmas tradition.
The program is very simple. The book includes 24 days of Scripture reading, ornament crafts, talking points and extension activities. 
Each day there is a clue word for the children to listen for in scripture.  Then while the parents talk through what was taught in the reading, a simple ornament is made to match.  What I love most about this program is the crafts are not elaborate projects, but simple, low-cost activities kids of any age can do.
Now knowing my "Big Idea, Wait To The Last Minute" personality, I decided to creatively and efficiently display each days activity to ensure that the experience would actually get done.  I did this by; prepping the daily craft items, placing them in a brown lunch bag, and sealing it off with free song sheet doilies, labeled chalk board tags and ribbon. Wah-Lah!
Now come December 7th all I need to do is open the bag, locate my Elmer's glue, and share scripture with my girls. 
Our family chose to display the bags on a cheap Target bookshelf, in the middle of my living room (don't ask where all our homeschool books are in the meantime).  A place that screams family time.  Now we have no excuse to celebrate in the true meaning of Christmas this advent season.
All of this too much work?  Don't let that stop you.  For an extra $4 you can buy these pre-made ornaments to color and hang.
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I did, for those "Way Too Busy December Days."
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  1. i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you did an A-mazing job!

  2. I SUPER love this! How adorable. Thanks so much for your enthusiasm for Truth in the Tinsel. I can't wait to do it along w/you and everyone! :)