Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Digital Recap

I'm finally back into my blog routine since having my parents in town. Below are a few digital scrapbook pages from my parents visit. Most of our visit was spent lounging in the pool, playing bowling on Wii and visiting many tourist attraction such as Market Square. Enjoy...

Last time I posted scrapbook pages, a few friends asked how I did it. Well for those who are curious I'll share. I download free elements from blogs (really awesome ones demingglobal passed on to me, which I would be happy to share), then I use my Paint Shop Pro program to piece the elements together to create these really cute page. I'm still new at this, there are so many more creative possibilities out there that I'm excited to explore, but it's loads of fun. Oh did I mention the best part, besides the purchase for the program and the $3-$5 (8x8 and 12x12) Shutterfly charges to print the pages it's free!


  1. That's a reasonable fee, too. These are super cute.

  2. ooooohhhh myyyyygosh! Someone's been busy!!!!!!!!!! You've gone and left me in the dust! Your blog is sooooooooooo so (did I say so?) cute! I'm going to need a tutorial!

    Hey - I have some websites for printing your pages too. I'll email you!