Saturday, May 2, 2009


Just a head's up to all my friends out there, never give your OCD child the Fisher Price "Go Anywhere" School Bus or Ice Cream Truck. You will spend your entire day saying thing like "she doesn't have to sit perfect", "use your imagination", "it's not designed to do that", "pretend she's driving the bus", "you can do it, you're a big girl", "ask your daddy this time", "let find another toy to play with", ect...

This of course is made worse by the fact that I'm so afraid of the Swine Flu or H1N1 as others call it that I refuse to leave our house until it clears up. Am I being crazy, probably, but I hate for my girls to get it. Plus I already have the regular flu, no need to add to the mix.

So here's to a long month of May.


  1. I like your background. Did you do it with your cool, new scrapbook stuff?

    I'm sorry that the flu (any kind) is causing stress. I don't have many good ideas for the housebound. We seem to be gone all the time.

  2. Why can't you just throw her in the pool? If I send you a pic, do you think Robert write the html code for me to copy into blogger? I CANNOT figure this dang thing out without it coming out fuzzy. I have to go, I hear some banging coming from the general direction of two cribs....