Monday, May 4, 2009

Week One

I've survived week one at home and it really wasn't that bad. My house is cleaner than it ever has been, my kids are calmer than usual and my nerves are much more relaxed. Maybe God's trying to teach me to "slow down".

So how did we spend our first week of a self-imposed quarantine?

Playing Wii.

Brie really gets into the game.

Sitting Pretty.

Blue eyes is happy doing just about anything.

Doing Art Projects.

No Brie did not draw the butterfly, just colored it.

And finally, wrestling on the floor.

Have you seen two happier sisters?

What does week two hold? Swimming, gardening, walking, reading and a big art project. Think homemade puppet show.

Before I know it my girls will be twelve and have no use for mom, I'm looking forward to enjoying every moment with them this week.


  1. I'm glad that being home is turning out to be such a blessing!

    Don't worry. When they are 12, they'll have a lot of use for you--driving them places!

  2. Wow - sounds like a lot of fun!!!! I can't wait until we can join in on the fun after May. Just love the last pic!!!!!

  3. Sounds like you had a pretty fun week! Maybe self-imposed quarantine is a good idea! You have two cute kiddos there! ;)