Friday, July 10, 2009

Our Staycation: Day Five

Day Five: Ringling Bro. and Barnum & Bailey Circus
$48 for tickets, $10 to park, $22 for light up wand, $7 for popcorn, $15 for Briarsitter;
Brie's smiles at the circus, priceless.
On Wednesday we took Brieto to the circus alone, we asked our neighbor Edie to come over and watch Briar. She was thrilled, she has been dying to get her hands on our baby for months.

The anticipation of the circus was too much for Brie and she fell asleep on the car ride to the Alamo Dome.

It's a good thing Brie had a cat nap, she needed the energy to climb the mountain of stairs.

Once we got inside the Dome Brie's excitement turned to nervousness.

Then it was desire, "Momma let's get that". There was stuff EVERYWHERE.

Rob decided we could just take a picture with the "stuff".

Once we found our seats, we got "hungry"so the girls headed to the concession stand.

We came back with this; a very pink, very expensive glowing, spinning magic wand.

oh yeah and some popcorn too.

Once the show started the smiles grew larger and larger (at least for the girls, Rob was still stomaching the cost of our trip to the concession stand).

At intermission Brie decided she too could "jump, like the peoples".

Let's hope she doesn't get so good she runs away and joins the circus.

Ten minutes later it was back to our seats for another awesome act.

Brie really wanted an encore.

But her eyes quickly got sleepy.

So sleepy she was out before we made it out of the parking lot.

Too bad Briar was still awake on Edie's lap.

My oh my, was that night expensive, but truly awesome.

Two more days of vacation to report; tomorrow a day of recreation.

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