Friday, July 17, 2009

Our Staycation: Day Six

Day Six: A Day of Recreation

We started our day at the bowling alley, the girls were really looking forward to knocking down a few pins.

We were thankful the alley had bumper and ramps.

Briar did a great job keeping score. Although I think she may have fudged the number since Brie beat her mommy, I couldn't have really lost to a two year old, could I?

After a lunch at Bennihanna and a "nap", Rob wanted us to go hit some golf balls. So we headed back to Brackenridge Park where we could visit a "family friendly" driving range.

The gallery however was not that interested in Daddy's skills.

So mommy decided to see if she could spark some interest in the girls.
I'm thinking the designer shoes were the reason for my meager drives and not my ability.

Brie finally decided she wanted a turn. After a quick lesson from dad...

She was ready to "do myself".

Golf was fun, but I'm thinking Volleyball might bring in a bigger college scholarship.

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