Monday, August 24, 2009

A is for Ant

Recently we've decided to home school Brie during her preschool and elementary years and today we embarked on that journey. While I'm sure we'll have many challenging days ahead, today was nothing but joy. I'm using a Letter of the Week curriculum that focuses on teaching your preschooler letters, numbers and basic math skills through literature, arts & crafts, music and play.

Obviously, today being the first week of school our letter is A.

We read The Ant's Go Marching which seemed very fitting since Brieto found herself with fire ants in her pants (swimsuit to be exact) this weekend. After we painted an Ant Scene, Brie wanted to continue painting on the easel.

More than once she mentioned, "This is like art class, I like school". In fact she liked school so much she was eager to count, sort and build in the block center.

Where was Briar in all this, peacefully sleeping like the good baby she is.

Two and half hours of pure preschool bliss.


  1. I didn't know you had decided to homeschool! That's exciting! And I'm thrilled that your first day went so very well.

  2. Wow, that's a huge undertaking, but I know you will be awesome at it! What made you decide to homeschool Brie? And will you homeschool Briar too? Good luck! Looks like your first day of school went marvelously!

  3. Hey, girl! I am constantly impressed by your creativity and child raising ideas. Can you give me some hints on what and how to homeschool so that I can get started on my sweet boy? Facebook or email me, if and when you can!