Monday, November 9, 2009

The Melting Pot

The last couple weeks have been rough in the preschool-homeschool area; I've lacked motivation. However, this morning I woke up and dredged out enough energy to work on Brie's colors. And since I'm addicted to surfing "party blogs", I was inspired to try out The Party Dress's idea of melting crayons.

The project was quite simple, it began with peeling the paper from several used crayons. This gave us the perfect outlet to talk about colors;who made them, where they are used and of course what their names are.

Once the crayons were peeled and broken, we sorted them into four groups: yellow, blue, green and red.
Brie then placed the crayon pieces into a mini-muffin pan, where ever she pleased.

All 24 tins were colorfully filled,

and Brie proudly display her hard work.

We then backed them in the oven on 225* for 15 minutes, melting the crayons completely.
After the pan cooled, we were left with these colorful jewels.

I think they turned out really, really cute.

Best of all, the girls had a blast using their new crayons before dinner tonight!


It's projects like this that make me glad I'm the mother of toddlers!


  1. Oh I just love that idea. How cute is that! You are fantastic mom and the school stuff will come slowly but surely. These times are special :)

  2. Fun! I tried this once, but I though I could use the microwave. You can't. ha ha.

  3. Why have I never seen this before?! These are so neat! And so pretty! :)

  4. hi! i love the idea and all the CUTE pictures!~ step by step! love it! did you ever get your license?