Friday, December 25, 2009

Momma Made a Boo-Boo!

A few weeks ago I hid a certain Barbie bike in our garage, all for the purpose of seeing the joy on Brie's face when her grandparents surprised her with this oh-so-special treat. Little did I know, placing a bike under a workbench increases ones risk of having a nail puncture the tire. By now you should know where I'm going--yes when Robert went to the garage this morning the bike was flat and so was Brieto's smile.

After a trying our luck with super glue, rubber cement and hunting for a patch kit at Walgreens. We gave up, she'll just have to wait until tomorrow. And with all this loot, I think she can.

Briar on the otherhand was all smiles in momma's hat.


  1. Oh the picture of Briar in your is is all the little things that really make them happy!

    I need some shopping tips next year for the boys! It looks like your girls rocked out this year! Merry Christmas!

  2. Ha! Everything is pink! Did the tire get repaired?